Tizer is a CAW from the SmackDown! vs RAW game, currently a member of the SmackDown! roster in the SmackDown! vs RAW PPV mode canon. There, he currently reigns as the US Champion.


Earning A ContractEdit

Tizer first appeared on Judgement Day, having shockingly appeared in the randomizer for the matches. It was decided that Tizer would have to earn himself a contract in the league. He had to beat Rico in a ladder match, but sadly couldn't get the job done. At Vengeance, he was brought in to team with Hardcore Holly and Sable to defeat the Aces And Eights in a tables match. Tizer complained about not being booked on the Summerslam card, so he would be booked against Undertaker in an ultimate submission match. However, the match was cut after the entrances due to time restraints.

United States ChampionshipEdit

Tizer would team with Rey Mysterio to lose a tag team match to Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy. The bell rang as Eddie submitted Tizer, but Tizer did not tap out. In fustration, he vowed never to wrestle in the league again. However at the Royal Rumble, he returned to jump United States Champion Hardcore Holly backstage and challenge him to a US title match. Tizer would go on to win the US Title, making him the first CAW to win a title in a non-CAW Bobson league. He would go on to compete in the Royal Rumble match, entering at #26 and making it to the final three. He is currently set to defend the US Title against Hardcore Holly in an Ironman match at No Way Out.


  • Tizer is the only CAW in the SmackDown! vs RAW PPV Mode league, appearing on SmackDown!
  • He is the only CAW to win a championship in a non-CAW league, holding the United States Championship.
  • Tizer was not originally intended to be a part of the league. According to Bobson, he was a wrestler that he made on the game years ago. He totally forgot that the wrestler was still in the game so when he appeared in the randomizer for Judgement Day, Bobson just decided to keep him in the league. He still doesn't know why he's called Tizer.


  • United States Championship (1 Time)