Jimmy Snuka def. John Cena and A-Train in a triple threat hardcore match in the SmackDown! vs RAW vs Legends series

Andre The Giant def. Batista and Scotty 2 Hotty in a triple threat match in the SmackDown! vs RAW vs Legends series (Batista stood outside and watched the pin)

Mankind (c) vs Bubba Ray Dudley vs Rey Mysterio vs Trish Stratus in a fatal four way steel cage match for the Hardcore Championship went to a time limit draw

D-Von Dudley def. Booker T in a submission match to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship

Kane (c) def. Molly Holly in a steel cage match to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Tizer def. Hardcore Holly (c) in a hardcore match to win the United States Championship

Eddie Guerrero won the Royal Rumble

Triple H and Bret Hart def. Big Show and Chuck Pulumbo in a tornado tag team match (Even though Show and Pulumbo dominated the entire match!)

Royal Rumble match entrances and eliminationsEdit

Draw Entrant Brand Order Eliminated By
1 Brutus Beefcake Legend 6 John Cena
2 Jimmy Snuka Legend 8 Hardcore Holly and John Cena
3 Batista RAW 2 Jimmy Snuka and Brutus Beefcake
4 Kurt Angle SmackDown! 3 The Rock and Trish Stratus
5 John Cena SmackDown! 9 Hardcore Holly and D-Von Dudley
6 Rhyno RAW 1 Batista
7 The Rock Legebd 7 John Cena
8 Trish Stratus RAW 4 D-Von Dudley
9 D-Von Dudley SmackDown! 10 Legend Undertaker
10 Victoria RAW 5 Jimmy Snuka
11 Hardcore Holly SmackDown! 18 JBL
12 Legend Undertaker Legend 16 JBL
13 Mankind Legend 20 Matt Hardy
14 Shelton Benjamin RAW 12 Hardcore Holly and Mankind
15 Rey Mysterio SmackDown! 11 Hardcore Holly
16 Rico SmackDown! 13 Legend Undertaker
17 Bubba Ray Dudley RAW 15 Mankind
18 Stacy Keibler RAW 14 Legend Undertaker
19 JBL SmackDown! 22 Tizer and A-Train
20 Chuck Pulumbo RAW 17 JBL
21 Bret Hart Legend 25 Eddie Guerrero
22 Molly Holly RAW 19 Bret Hart
23 Sable SmackDown! 23 A-Train OR Bret Hart
24 Matt Hardy RAW 27 Eddie Guerrero
25 Rob Van Dam SmackDown! 21 JBL
26 Tizer SmackDown! 28 Eddie Guerrero
27 A-Train RAW 29 Eddie Guerrero
28 Charlie Haas SmackDown! 24 Andre The Giant
29 Andre The Giant Legend 26 Eddie Guerrero
30 Eddie Guerrero SmackDown! - WINNER
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