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Wwe ecwbelt

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# Champion Reign Event Notes
1 JBL 1 Event
  • JBL was randomly chosen to be the champion
2 Ryback 1 Over The Limit
3 Mark Henry 1 RAW (June Week 1)
  • Ryback issued an open challenge
4 Ryback 2 No Way Out 
  • Won a fatal four way match also involving JBL and Eddie Guerrero
5 Mark Henry 2 Money In The Bank
6 Triple H 1 RAW (August Week 2)
  • Mark Henry issued an open challenge
7 Mark Henry 3 SummerSlam
  • Won a triple threat elimination match also involving Ryback
8 Triple H 2 Night Of Champions
  • Sheamus was the special guest referee
9 Undertaker (Biker) 1 Elimination Chamber
  • Won an elimination chamber match also involving Seth Rollins, Damien Sandow, John Cena and Kevin Nash
10 RETIRED - WrestleMania
  • The title was retired after Undertaker merged the World and ECW titles together.